Solutions to Safely Labeling Your Child's School Gear

We all love to see our children's back-to-school gear with daintily drawn initials or lettering spelling out your little one's name. There are times, however, that labeling your child's items may be a threat to their safety. The leaders in canvas backpacks Greenville, NC are here to share some ways that we advise you to go about labeling your child's items. 

Scope the Situation

When it comes to labeling your child's bags with their name, it's always best to use your best judgment. If your child is in the younger grades, under near-constant adult supervision, the chance that your child will be approached by unfamiliar faces is lower than if they were in the older grades. When your child rises to the older grades, there is a higher chance that they will encounter more unfamiliar faces. Depending on your child's transportation situation, odds could be even higher. If your child walks home from school, having their name printed on their bag might not be the best solution. Allow the leaders in canvas backpacks Greenville, NC to help you with your child's backpack needs.

Name Alternatives

If you are worried about labeling your child's name on their backpack, there are multiple different alternatives that you can choose depending on your comfort level. The first alternative that we recommend is monogramming your child's bag. Monogramming is a popular style that not only protects your child's full identity, but looks stylish as well! Parrott Canvas is the professional for all things monogram. To monogram your own backpack, simply visit our website, choose your favorite bag, and add a monogram. Enter your first, middle, and last name, and we'll have it monogrammed for you and ready for pickup! 

One thing that the leaders in canvas backpacks Greenville, NC love about monogram is that it does not reveal your child's full identity. Monogramming allows you to be able to keep an organization amongst your children's bags, but keep their full names hidden from strangers. We understand that monogram may not be for everyone, however. We have another great idea that we think you'll love!

Symbols and Patches

If monogram isn't your thing, that's okay! Adding symbols or fun patches to your child's bag is another great form of expression that keeps your child's identity hidden. Iron-on patches are a great way to label your child's bag. You can find them in most craft stores, and also online. Allow your child to pick out a symbol, character, animal, or other fun patch to place on their bag. Not only is it a source of creativity and self-expression for your child, but it's a safe alternative to embroidering your child's name or initials onto the bag. 

Parrott Canvas | Greenville, NC

At Parrott Canvas, we go beyond providing you with a high-quality tote, backpack, or carrier that will last you for years to come. We're here to help you through the buying process, from the type of bag to the colors of the monogram or embroidery! To learn more about Parrott Canvas and what we're all about, visit our website or contact us today. We'd love to talk more with you about safety tips for your student!

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