Beech Mountain Firewood Carrier
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Beech Mountain Firewood Carrier

SKU 02111-18WX

Hefty, industrial strength log carrier made from 18oz. wax treated duck. 2” wide handles wrap around this tote for extra durability. Handles are double thick wax canvas with box-x reinforcements. Two brass rivets in the top of each handle attachment point assures that this handle will not be coming apart under stress.


  • 18oz. vintage, hard-wearing waxed cotton duck
  • Double thick canvas handles with wrap around support
  • Brass rivet reinforcements
  • Heavy, nylon thread stitching

Made In USA

Caring for Martexin Original Wax Duck Canvas

Martexin Original Wax Duck Canvas is a highly specialized textile product that precludes normal cleaning. Just as you wouldn’t wash a leather product, such as shoes, gloves, or jackets, you shouldn't machine wash or dry clean your wax duck product. Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing. A periodic cleaning with a hose and damp cloth is all that’s needed.

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